Thursday, 12 September 2013

                                                Reading Survey
Besides books I like to read magazines because I enjoyed them because I love reading articles and I love to see ads on magazines. My favorite types of magazines that I read are car, men’s, watches, music and tattoo magazines and I love reading brochures mostly car brochures I collect them and I enjoy reading them one of my brochures the I never understand reading is I have a Toyota brochure  originally from Japan but I picked it up in Singapore because one taxi driver gave it to me because I asked him if I can have it and he said yes inside the brochure it had a little english writing and it was Japanese which its awesome. Whenever I go to bookstores I always go to the magazine section to read but sometimes I read books but the best book that I read was book called Bridge to Teribithia it talks about these two best friends who are hanging out and they are imagining this land called Teribithia and it reminds me of my best friends back home we like to hang out a lot but when I read this book there was a sad part of the book which it made me cry for the first time when I was reading it. What I learned in this book is about friendship and to be strong whatever happens like last year I’ve lost my friendship with one of my best friends it’s hard to let go but I had to move on I remembered sharing with my secrets with her and I remembered chatting her on Facebook just to check how is she doing and 2 years later she started blocking me and I was like thinking whats going on and I started messaging her on Facebook and she didn’t reply and she blocked me and I felt really sad and it reminded me of the sad part of the book . Im not a pocket book person but I like reading books about cars and watches. 


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