Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Social Fiction "Bob's relaxing Day"

Created by: John Chua

                                              on Twitter:@bobby5604
                                              Bob's relaxing Day

In the year 1960 there was not much technology but let's put this in the perspective to new technology on the story.  Once there was a guy named Bob who got himself a smartphone and Bob likes using Twitter at his spare time. Bob is having a long vacation at his house and Bob was very bored so he looked at his phone and pressed the Twitter icon on his phone and he looks at other people’s Tweets and has he read the Tweets he saw his friend Teddy who tweeted " Just bought a record player for my vinyl collection this is my new favorite toy now!! #Happy". Bob commented the tweet “that’s nice Teddy I hope you enjoy your new record player!!” then he looked through other people’s Tweets and he saw his friend Amy tweet which it says “I love my new cat!!!” and he replied “I can’t wait to see it Amy!!” and he also saw his friend Toby who Twitted “ WOW!! I can’t believe that colored TV is now introduced! I have to get it now!” and Bob replied” and Bob checked his old tweets and one of them was “Work was stressful today I’m happy that I’m home relaxing.” and he also saw his tweet of him about meeting James Dean as he read it said “I had fun meeting with James Dean and it was nice talking to him one and he gave me a joyride on his Porsche it was a blast! Thank you James Dean it was nice meeting you!” Bob remembered meeting him he also saw his old tweet about going to watch a 3D movie for the first time he tweeted “ Wow the movie was very awesome in 3D! That was awesome” and his other tweet about the 3D movie that he watched he tweeted“ The movie’s theme was about astronauts in space the 3D images just pop out of the screen I like it!!” after that Bob was looking through his old tweets and he finally saw his first tweet it said “ Hi! I’m on Twitter now so follow me and I’ll follow you back!” after checking his old tweets he decided to check tweets from celebrities one of them was Marilyn Monroe tweeting that she had a busy day, Grace Kelly tweeted “My new movie is coming out! I want to invite everyone to watch It.”, as Bob looked he was shocked that Elvis Presley tweeted “My new rock and roll album is coming out soon!!”and Bob retweeted the tweet and told his friends about it. After checking the tweets hours and later Bob is starting to think what he wants to Tweet and he thought hours and hours later suddenly he thought of something to tweet he wants to talk about his day at home relaxing and checking everyone’s tweets he tweet and he tweeted “ I enjoyed my relaxation at home and enjoying checking everyone’s tweets! I’m so happy that the Tweets that I saw were good!” After Bob tweeting Bob took a rest because he had a long day. The End.

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