Monday, 20 January 2014

The Buried Life

Authors Note:

 Writing the list 100 things to do before I die was the most challenging project that I'd ever done. I’ve done lots of research of where I want to go in the future and things that I want to do in life. The most challenging part was listing my 100 lists because I don’t usually don’t use lists I just remember on my head and it’s better because it reminds me instead of trying to remembering it on your mind and sometime we forget it. I hope that I accomplish the things on my list and I will be a very happy when I accomplish every single one of them. Most of things on my list are about cars I want to see, own, and even to sit on, travelling to different parts of the world, meeting people, and what I can do in the future. Some of my things on my lists are very good like donating money or visiting an orphanage and some are very challenging like meeting my a very famous person or doing around the world and If some things on the list are completed and I will be very proud of what I’ve done. I learned that to take opportunities before it’s gone and I’ve done these before and I regretted them and I’m thinking to myself “ I wish I’ve done this” so this lists of things that I want to do before I die is very handy for those people who want to take the opportunity.

100 things to do before I die list:
1) graduate high school                                              
2) go to college to pursue my dream as an auto mechanic                                            
3) chill with the penguins                                          
4) take my little brother to different car shows                                          
5) take my kids to different countries                                      
6) learn different languages
7) to be a guest tv host
8) Get a nice house
9) to have a business
10) See the Lexus LFA
11) Sit on the Audi R8
12) Own a Nissan Skyline GTR
13) See the Pagani Zonda and Huyara
14) Expand my music collection
15) Own a Vertu phone
16) Donate Money
17) Visit an orphanage
18) Learn how to cook
19) Make friends with a person who owns a nice car
20) Visit an exotic car dealership
21) Meet a radio host
22) Meet Phoebe Dykstra
23) Meet Lily Allen
24) Meet Kat Von D and Megan Messacre
25) get meet and greet tickets to concerts
26) Meet Rihanna
27) Meet Katy Perry
28) Meet Lana Del Rey
29) Meet the Black Eyed Peas
30) Meet the Lonely Island
31) Meet Michael Schumacher
32) Meet Ken Block
33)Meet Connie Talbot
34)Meet Bridgit Mendler
35)Meet Chloe Mortez
36)Watch Rusko live
37)Watch Skrillex live
38)Meet Maroon 5
39)Meet Courtney Love
40)Meet Rita Ora
41) Meet the Top Gear hosts
42) Meet the Fifth Gear hosts
43) Meet the cast of The Fast and The Furious
44) Go to Universal Studios
45) Watch the Glastonburry concert
47) remix songs and get discovered
48) Collect electronics
49) Watch Top Gear Live
50) Go to a movie premiere
51) Go to the Sema Auto Show
52) Go to the Geneva Auto Show
53) Go to the LA Auto Show
54) Go to the Dubai Auto Show
55) Go to the Top Marques show
56) Go to the Frankfrut Motor
57) Go to the Tokyo Motor Show
58) Go to the Tokyo Auto Salon
59) Go to Japfest (car show in the UK)
60) Go to Ferrari World (amusement park in Abu Dabi)
61) Visit the Electronic Entertainment Expo
62) to say thank you to my old teachers
63) meet all my old classmates in my old school
64) Own nice cars
65) Watch a drift competition
66) Visit the Pagani factory
67) Visit  the Mazda Museum
68) Visit the Honda Museum
69) Visit the Mercedes Benz Museum
70) Visit the Ferrari Museum
71) Visit the Toyota Museum (in Japan and the US)
72)Visit the Prince & Skyline Museum
73)Visit the Petersen Automotive Museum
74) Visit the Autopia Mall in Turkey
75) Drive in Stelvio Pass Road (highway in Italy)
76) Drive in the Transfagarasan highway (one of the best highways in the world in Romania)
77) Drive in Trollstigen aka Troll Ladder ( one of the best highways in the world in Norway)
78) Drive in the Laerdal Tunnel (longest tunnel in the world located in Norway)
79) Drive in the Autobahn
80) Drive in the Atlantic Road (Norway)
81) Drive in Seven Mile Bridge (Florida Keys)
82) Go to Ferrari World (amusement park in Abu Dabi)
83) Visit Paris
84) Visit London
85) Visit Australia
86) Visit Vegas
87) Visit New York
88) Visit Bahamas
89) Visit Barbados
90) Visit Hawaii
91) Visit Venice
92) Visit Marbella
93) Visit Monaco
94) Visit Jerusalem
95) Visit LA
96) Visit Hollywood
97) drive with The Stig
98) drive a Mini Cooper
99) buy cars in an auction in Japan
100) own nice watches


      Now What:

Out of my 100 lists of the things I want to do before I die; what I would like to do is to be able to drive on Stelvio Pass Road. Stelvio Pass is located in Italy with an elevation of 2757 meters and known to be the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps. Top Gear also considers it as the greatest driving road in the world.

For it to become a reality, I first need to have a class 5F driver license. I also need to enhance my driving skills. Known for its 60 hairpins turn and the difficulty of the road, I really need to be a good driver to be able to drive there. I also need a dependable car like Porsche. Having said that, I have to save up a great amount of money for the plane tickets, hotel accommodation, and renting a car. Renting a Porsche to drive on Selvio Pass would be a wonderful experience.

But for now, I need to pass my grade 11 and then finish my grade 12. Take up an auto-mechanic certificate course in Red River. Then, hopefully find a good paying job and get hands on experience in this field. And later on, be able to put up my own car business. Learn to set aside a portion of my income and eventually save enough money to be able to achieve this dream. I hope and pray that I will live long enough and have the energy to do it.


  1. I really liked how your bucket list revolves around something you are passionate about! it gave te class an opportunity to get to know you better and to learn how passionate you are about cars! It was also nice to see things you wan to do as a career and with your future family and your brother!

  2. So I'm gonna take a guess and say you like cars?? Haha that's pretty cool! I don't know much about them but that so are expensive and some are not and honestly the expensive ones are only in my dreams! Lol but of the people you want to meet, I have met phoebe twice before! She's an awesome person! I hope you get to meet her!

  3. It's great that you've figured out all the things you need to do to be able to accomplish your "Now What." I think that thinking about all the steps you need to take bring you that much closer to actually doing them.

  4. I think it's pretty cool that you know exactly what you want to do with your life. I can also tell you really like cars! haha. What do you think you would say is your number one dream car? The Stelvio Pass road also sounds amazing, I bet that'll be a great experience!

  5. thank you for the nice comments!