Thursday, 14 November 2013

Quick Write-narcissists

I would say yes young people are becoming narcissists because people that I see people like selfie shots on Instagram and people are not shy to show themselves on social net working websites and some other people don't take pictures of themselves sometimes they use it for purposes like putting on make up or fixing their hair I'm pretty sure that before these phones that have a front facing camera we do fix our hair before going to school or during break some people bring small mirrors but now people have phones that they can check themselves to look good. I gotta admit I'm a narcissists because I love being who I am and I take pictures of myself and put it online and my style on my pictures is me wearing my hood up and I know people that I know (exept my friends) don't like that style because they think that I'm a gangster but I keep telling them I'm not and I'm still a good person I know that people don't put their hood  up on selfie pictures online but this is who I am and that is my style and it will never change no matter what people say about it.

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