Monday, 11 November 2013

Reading Assignment #3

T-T Connection "Tattoo Machine" (46) The one text to text connection was when I was reading the book it reminded me of the book that I read on Chapters it's called Go Big or Go Home by Kat Von D which she talks about the stories of her own and her tattoo business and the stories behind her clients tattoo's and what they mean to them. Comparing the book to Kat Von D's book is that it has pictures of her tattooing other people but the book that I read is doesn't have photos but drawings but it makes me imagine what the tattoos look like from the clients that the author is tattooing but it has the same concept of Kat Von D's book. Tattoo's are my interest even thou I'm really young because I like the art of it and I like how meaningful the tattoo is to the person. My cousins have tattoo's and I always talk about there tattoos and the meanings about there tattoo's and I even asked them what is the most painful tattoo that they got which it sometimes surprises me and sometimes it's too obvious to know what they got. This book is my new favourite book to read.

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