Thursday, 28 November 2013

Reading Assignment #5

Tattoo Machine by Jeff Johnson (80)
1)“Tramp stamp. A tattoo in the center of a woman's lower back. Also referred to as a "California bumper sticker." The germans refer to this as "arschgeweih," which translates as "a** antler." Bravo!” #quote
2) Jeff Johnson has been a tattoo artist for 18 years #awesome
3) My prediction is that he will tell the worst client that he have tattooed. #prediction
4) This is the second book that I read about tattoo's #tattoo
5) The author doesn't put his artworks on the book #hmmmm
6) I learned that you should pick the right tattoo #lessionlearned
7)He not just anybody he also tattoo's gangs, age defying moms, and even a serial killer #wow
8) This book has included  different terms of tattoos #learned
9) This book is one of my favourite books #favourite
10) His clients can sometimes can be weird which sometimes tells on the book #clients
11) Did you know Jeff Johnson made a another book about tattooing #funfacts
12) Jeff Johnson have to spend 30 hours a week tattooing and 30 hours writing this book # Work

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