Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Six Word Memoir #7

        I started liking tattoos when I was in 8th grade because I always see my cousins posting their new tattoos on Facebook and that when I started drawing on myself when I become really bored or something pops out of my mind and I erase it after. I started reading Inked magazine and saw Kat Von D's picture and I started watching her show called LA Ink and I was very addicted to the show but I watched when my parents are gone because I'm scared of their reaction about tattoos and watching the show it made me think why these people who are getting tattooed chose this design and what it means to them. One of the episodes that I watched that made me emotional was when Kat Von D tattooed a client a portrait of his daughter that has cancer which it made me cry for a bit. In my own opinion tattoos

The editing techniques that I used on the on the image was I used the valencia filter on Instagram and I used Studio for the fonts.

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