Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Six Word Memoir #2

This image has a powerful message that tells people that killing themselves is not the right thing to do and I used to do that I know most people feel like they want to kill themselves because of problems and stress. I got to admit I do cut myself and now I’m always seeing a counsellor to help me get over this problem. I’ve uploaded this photo on Facebook and now I’m telling my family and friends to share it to other people if they feel like they want to take their life and people who saw the picture were asking me “is that your arm?” and I said “yes! that is my arm.” This is my first powerful message that I posted online.
The editing techniques that I’ve done on this picture was a bit of Photoshop because there was a mistake on the first one then I had to change the words so I have to  use the clone tool in Photoshop and changed the words on Pic Monkey. The punctuation on the text on the image was a period because it was the appropriate for the sentence. The placement of the letters on the image I have move to where it’s very easy to read and I have to change the font sizes to look really big so people can read it and the font colours have to red because I want it to stand it like a warning sign and tell people it’s not the right thing to do.

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