Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Six Word Memoir #8

This picture represents my favourite song for 3 years when I first heard this song I kept on playing it over and over again on my radio, and my iPod. Lily Allen is a wonderful singer because she has a nice voice and her other songs were nice. This song made me feel obsessed to Lily Allen I started liking her when I was in 6th Grade which it made me research who Lily Allen was and her past songs that made her famous in the only in the UK because that where she come from and because of the research of the past song I also put her pictures as a wallpaper on my iPod and when my friends or my parents ask me "who is this girl on your iPod?" and I told them "it's Lily Allen!!" and they didn't know who Lily Allen was so I made them listen to this song and they said "they like it". Most of my friends know who is my favourite artist was and they keep asking me "Do you really like Lily Allen?" I always say "Yes!" up to this day I still love Lily Allen and I now collect CD's and Vinyls from her and I got her vinyl framed because I bought for myself on my birthday and it's my wish list since when I was in 6th Grade. I have so many favourite songs from other artists but I'll never forget this song that got stuck on my head and become my favourite song for 3 years.

The editing techniques that I did on this picture was I put a different filter on the photo and I used Studio for the letter and the photo itself was a screenshot on my phone.

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