Monday, 21 October 2013

character iPhone

Maps- he always runs away from home so he needs this to direct him back to his house
Compass-he likes to search things mostly when he is  searching for his horse Negrito.
Phone- he needs it to call his bestfriends and his brother.
Messages- to keep him in contact with his brother and his friends
Basketball app- he likes to play basketball
Contacts- so he can contact his brother and his friends 
Negrito app ( N app)- it's his only app that can track down where is horse is
Weather- he goes out a lot so he has to check weather to see if he can go out or not. 
Notes- he wants to take notes about his happened when his brother beat him up.
Calendar- he wants to know when his dad comes back.
Clock- he usually wakes up early so he needs an alarm.

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