Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Six Word Memoir #3

This picture is one of my favorite photos because it has my dream car on the photo and I was like saying to myself “Soon enough I’ll own a car”. This car on the picture is a Nissan Skyline GTR R33 and they are very rare in Canada because its right hand drive and it’s very hard to import one of those to Canada. This car is my childhood dream car and I always drive this car in videogames and I won’t buy any racing games if this car is not on it. I freaked out when I saw this car in Canada and I kept saying “this is going to be my first car! I don’t care how much is it but I’ll buy it” and I told my friends if they’re going to ride with me and they said yes. This car is very fast and very nice.
The editing techniques that I had done to this picture were I had to change the filters on Instagram and I matched the colours of the font and the car on the picture because it will look interesting and the font size I have to make it big for the words “Soon enough” to make it as if I’m telling people that I'll own a car soon.

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